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European Doberman Puppies

Available Doberman puppies for sale

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We have the best European Doberman puppies and trained adult Doberman Pinschers for sale

Thanks for coming to our site! Please take a minute and look around! Our Doberman Pinscher Kennel relocated from Scottsdale Arizona to 1 hour south of Salt Lake City Utah, but we can ship our European Doberman puppies and adult trained Doberman Pinschers worldwide. We are a licensed and inspected Kennel in Utah county, and were paid a high compliment on our last inspection when we were told we are the only kennel they visit that doesn't stink like Dog waste. I can't imagine anyone keeping their dogs any other way, but we are proud that it is recognized that we give all of our dogs the highest levels of care.

Family Dobes Review

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Our Mission:

To provide you with the best Doberman Pinscher puppy possible to protect your family, participate in Search and Rescue or other Scent Work, be a hunting or field companion, or compete in protection sports. We breed them specifically for this kind of drive and working ability and we intend you to give them a job. Some people also like to do agility or other sports with their protective companions. Some folks will choose to show their dogs and eventually breed their Dobermans. These Dobermans when they pass their appropriate health and temperament tests will be suitable for breeding. We believe we have the best European Doberman Pinscher puppies available anywhere at any price. We have imported all of our Champion Doberman Pinscher breeding stock directly from Europe where they still have strong selection pressure. The Dobermans in most parts of Europe must pass temperament evaluations, health screenings, and often must have working and conformation titles before they are given license to breed. Family Dobes has been raising and training Doberman Pinschers for over 20 years. We consider ourselves to be distinguished Breeders of outstanding Dobermans. The Doberman Pinschers we raise working family companions that have been used for Search and Rescue, Schutzhund, Personal Protection, family pets, obedience and agility, scent detection, herding, flyball, ringsport, and even upland bird and waterfowl hunting! Our Doberman puppies have the right temperament, color and conformation, you can't go wrong! We want to help educate you as an owner. We don't sell you a Doberman puppy and disappear! Our Doberman puppies do cost more than many available out there, and for a good reason. We take time to research and select the best Champion Dobermans for our program, and plan each breeding carefully to produce the right kind of Doberman puppies for you. I want you to get a high quality Doberman puppy that you will be proud of, that will live for many years of effective service. I also want to be a support to you and your new Doberman, and that will take time and resources. Isn't the help and education worth a little more? With Dobermans you do get what you pay for, and with many Doberman puppies won't have and support from the Doberman breeder after the sale. We will help you raise and train your Champion bred Doberman Pinscher wherever you want or need help. 

We have several upcoming litters of Champion bred Doberman puppies.

We offer Champion Doberman Stud Service by live cover or shipped Semen

We also offer protection trained adult Doberman Pinchers as well

If you are contacting us about Protection trained dogs, we need to know if you are in immediate danger! Protection trained Dobermans are an important part of your personal security system, but they are not the complete system. Here are some other things you need to be doing.

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Best European Doberman puppies and trained adult Doberman Pinschers for sale

Economic Situation

 One thing I am hearing more than ever right now from perspective Doberman Puppy families is how the current Economic situation has affected them personally. Nearly Everyone I know closely has been impacted in real and significant ways. On the hardest side of things, I know good people who had to give up their Doberman puppy or adult trained Doberman Pinscher because of foreclosure, homelessness and loss of jobs. My heart breaks to hear the stories and we step up to help where we can.  Many people are seeing significant increase in property crimes in their area, home invasions, theft, etc. Many people are becoming estranged from friends and loved ones do to current employment and economic reasons. This has led me to notice a trend in the calls and emails I receive from people looking for Doberman puppies for sale. People in these hard times more than ever want the companionship of a quality Doberman Pinscher puppy. A Doberman puppy loves unconditionally and accepts us the way we are. They love us just because we are there. A Doberman puppy doesn't care about the job you have or don't have, what you drive or where you shop and eat. A Doberman puppy is happy just to be with you. They seem to encourage us and motivate us, they give us purpose and reason when we have none. A Doberman puppy encourages you to see the good that is still left in the world despite the economic conditions. Secondly, more and more people need the safety they feel just by having a Doberman puppy or an adult trained Doberman Pinscher. The security a Doberman will offer is real peace of mind. Just having an extra pair of eyes watching out for you, a well developed set of ears listening, and a powerful presence that by itself is a certain level of deterrent. How many joggers jog with headphones in their ears now making them oblivious to some of the outside world? The extra set of eyes and ears a Doberman can provide adds a huge level of safety. It takes us out of a position where we feel helpless and vulnerable and makes us feel like less of a target for crime. A Doberman Pinscher can be a very effective part of a home security system, but please remember they are only a part of a great system and you need to have realistic expectations. A Doberman Pinscher is protective of it's family and home by nature, and they are very loyal and bonded to their families. This alone however is not sufficient for your Doberman Pinscher to protect you. If you are in a situation where your dog really does need to protect your family and home with force, it takes a great deal of training, and it takes having a Doberman Pinscher that has the right nerve, temperament and Character. Do not settle for poorly bred Dobermans just because money is tight. If you are looking for protection from your Doberman Pinscher, get a dog that will be capable of the work. Work with a Doberman Pinscher breeder that will offer you a written guarantee and stand behind it. I think a Doberman puppy is a great thing to invest in especially in these troubled times, but please make sure you are doing it for the right reasons, with realistic expectations. Our goal is to provide you with the best Doberman puppy possible for your families needs, and each Doberman Pincher litter of puppies has it's individual traits and characteristics. Let us help match you to the right Doberman puppy for your needs. If your needs include a fully trained dog, we will assist you with that as well. Life is hard for most of the people I know right now, but I have hope still for a brighter tomorrow, we are still pursuing our goals of raising the highest quality European Doberman Pinschers possible, and we would like to help you get one as well.

Why Dobermans?

Many People wonder why I chose Dobermans over all the other wonderful breeds out there. It has mostly to do with my early exposure to them and the wonderful experiences we shared. After time, I figured out the reason everything clicked together so well, has to do with why the Doberman was selectively bred to be what it is, and the type of mind, spirit, and athletic ability they possess. Still to this day I am impressed with the lines, balance and elegance of a Doberman Pinscher. I can appreciate their structure every bit as much as the balanced power and grace of the foundation quarter horses I used to breed and train. They have so much power balanced with beauty and kindness, you can't help but like them after only a short period of time. Dobermans are a kind and sensitive breed, eager to please and easy to motivate. They find praise and petting an excellent reward for a job well done. They are clowns who love to run and play, wrestle or learn advanced maneuvers. They can entertain themselves without getting in trouble, if they have been taught what they are allowed to play with. They do well in packs, pairs or singles so long as their human family becomes part of their "pack." They are the epitome of the bumper sticker that says "Dobermans are like potato chips, no one can have just one!" They are so much fun to have, you really will want more. They are very affectionate dogs. Dobermans will demand personal attention if you don't volunteer it. Dobermans are honest, there is never a hidden agenda. Dobermans come to want the same things you want, and look forward to your routine. Dobermans do like structure. Dobermans will not be a dog that just lays on the front porch to bark at strangers. Dobermans want a job. Dobermans want to please you. Dobermans have a deterrent look to them that keeps the "bad guys" at bay, yet must be trained to develop real protection maneuvers. Dobermans are not mean vicious dogs that Hollywood has convinced people they are. Rather they are smart enough to be good actors, that Hollywood chooses them over some of the harder to work with breeds that can become real "man-stoppers." They can learn to act their part out well, and they are very photogenic. Dobermans are everything I want in a dog for the lifestyle I lead. I hope they are right for you as well! I won't elaborate on the history of the breed, that has been well written by many people already. Most written work on Doberman Pinschers gives an accurate picture of them. I have so many rich memories that include Dobermans that I can't imagine what life would be like without them. The Doberman Pinscher fits me and I hope they are right for you as well.

Here is a link to why I think Boys just aren't boys without dogs

The standard we breed to:

I believe the correct Doberman is bred to the international standard where character and temperament are still tested first, then performance ability, then if they pass all of that and a conformation evaluation, they are given a breeding license. Here in the US any two people with Dobermans can get together and have pups and no one seems bothered by it. The AKC in the US has a standard, but it produces a very different type of dog than the European Doberman puppies. It is also voluntary to adhere to. Come meet our dogs and you will see why we prefer European Dobermans. Here is a link to the standard

It is my opinion that the European Doberman Pinscher is Superior to the American Doberman for the specific kind of Doberman I want. I like a Doberman that is stable and trustworthy around my children, yet still has enough drive and desire to work. By work we mean jobs such as Search and Rescue, Personal Protection, Schutzhund or Ringsport, agility, obedience or many other fun activities you can do with your dog. The European Doberman Pinscher has more muscle and bone overall than the typical Doberman Pinscher found here in America, yet it is not bred to be too large to still be agile and quick in their movement. We want a dog large enough to be a real threat and powerful enough to do what is required without carrying the extra weight and size that can increase health risks. I find the European Doberman Pinscher to be richer in color instead of light Tan markings, their markings are a deeper rust color or Mahogany. The dogs are not petite and refined like a beautiful American show Doberman, I liken it to the difference between Arabian Horses and Quarter horses. They are built totally differently, and for different purposes. It is the same with a European Doberman Pinscher Vs. American Doberman Pinschers. They are simply bred for different jobs, with a different look. One is not "better than the other" rather each is more suited to a different purpose and both have their place. For more on my opinion of the European Dobermann Pinscher vs. the American Doberman Pinscher you can click here

About Us

My name is Stephen Parsons; I am the owner and trainer of FamilyDobes.  Doberman Pinschers have been my passion for over twenty years, and FamilyDobes has been a labor of love for more than a decade.  For many people breeding dogs is a hobby, but I take very seriously the responsibility of producing the best European-bred Dobermans, with sound minds and sound bodies, to place in loving homes.


Though my background includes a Bachelors of Science degree in Animal Science from Utah State University and a lifetime of experience in animal husbandry, behavior and training, I participate in continuing education opportunities covering topics such as pedigree analysis, canine reproduction, and training methodologies each year.  Ongoing study ensures that our breeding and training programs will continue to improve.


FamilyDobes breeding choices are made only after careful consideration of health, structure, character and working ability.  Our puppies are raised with our children and are outstanding family pets.  Our Dobermans are also exceptional working dogs excelling in the areas of personal protection, schutzhund, Search and Rescue, Service and therapy work, agility, and obedience.


While we take great pride in producing healthy, beautiful, intelligent Dobermans, the relationships we develop with our puppy buyers is equally important.  Every FamilyDobes puppy comes with support and guidance for the lifetime of your Doberman.   Whether you have questions about training, medical care, or simply want to brag about your Doberman, we are here for you.  We invite you to join the FamilyDobes family, a group of people who desire to have simply the best European-bred Doberman.